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Creative Cultivations is family owned and operated and has been for over 30 years. Mr. James C. Davis started it all with a small lawn care maintenance business back in the 1970's. He made sure his two sons were involved in the individualized care that he gave to his customers. He not only built a clientele that he worked for but that he cared about. Many times you would see James pulled aside by his customers because they genuinely cared for him and his well being and he likewise made sure to keep in touch with his customers. Today, now owned and operated by his son, Joseph Evan Davis, the same family owned company has grown due to the care and attention that remains as the foundation of the business.

At that time, over 30 years ago, lawn care maintenance was the main task at hand. Today, many other services are provided in addition to residential and commercial lawn maintenance. These include landscaping, landscape design, landscape lighting, pond installation, tree trimming and removal and stump grinding. We pride ourselves on attention to detail as well as taking into consideration the preferences of each customer. We look forward to the opportunity to share our experience and professional services with you!





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Make sure your mower blades are sharp. If you don't - you will tear your grass, rather than cut it. This can leave the grass wide open to fungus and other diseases as well as insect invasion and water loss. It is recommended to sharpen at least 3 times per season.