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Stromanthe Triostar

Great for containers and in landscape. Grown mainly for beautiful cream, green, and pink foliage. They produce reddish-pink flowers in spring. Grows to about 4 feet.

Silver Bismark Palm

Silver Bismark Palm One of the most desired fan palms in Florida. It was a relatively recent introduction to Florida landscapes. Bismarckia nobilis is a massive palm that will give dramatic effect to any landscape. This palm can be used as a focal point or for nice shade and screening

Bougainvilla Tree

Bougainvilla TreeCommonly called the bougainvillea tree because rather than growing like a typical flowered vine, this species growth pattern is similar to a tree in that it grows upward and features a sturdy, but pliable trunk.


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Make sure your mower blades are sharp. If you don't - you will tear your grass, rather than cut it. This can leave the grass wide open to fungus and other diseases as well as insect invasion and water loss. It is recommended to sharpen at least 3 times per season.